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Deliveries are made safely and on time at any given place.

Shipping, Railing And Road

it is the policy of Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Wilsco to protect the environment and health and safety of our employees, and others (including visitors, contractors and the public) that may be affected by our operations.

To avoid any risk of accidents, Wilsco has introduced a culture where involvement and awareness lead to intrinsically safe ways of working. Health and safety management also applies, of course, to the products that Wilsco stores and delivers. The company ensures that the quality of all products under its responsibility is preserved. The same awareness and responsibility applies to its environmental management, which has led to improved operational methods and the more efficient use of resources.

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Wilsco has various Barges for Inland shipments which are durable and trusted facilities to delivery your products 100% safely to their destination. Contact us for inquiries


Wilsco has played an increasingly important role in the movement of crude oil. Wilsco infrastructure is vital to moving crude oil produced in new fields to markets. Our loading facilities for crude oil have been or are being constructed in virtually every new production area of the Netherlands. In Wilsco, Petroleum is transported via our leading private railroad transportation operator. We operate more than 18 000 units of rolling-stock. Car fleet is high diversified and has 12 types of units, including universal and specialized carriages. On these qualifications, Wilsco provides transportation services for wide range of industrial cargoes and we offer the following services:

Transportation in own rolling-stock of the company.

Forwarding services for clients.

Scheduling and rail cars management.

Tracing and dispatcher's control.

Improving technological procedures of loading and unloading.

Integrated services to consignors and consignees.

Crude By Rail Safety Course, etc.


WILSCO road freight service is ready to deliver products on time at any place at any time. A trial will convince you.

Wilsco fleet comprises TGA units with 440 and 480 horsepower units. We are operating various brands of new fleet of 15 tri-axle drop-sided trailers with a capacity ranging from 25 tonnes and above per load. Our trailers allows us to transport a diverse range of cargo, from bulk grains, bulk chemicals, crude, bagged cargo, large equipment containers, etc